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What Spectrum Homes Do & How

We provide you with professional advice, guide you through the process involved in your project from inception to completion and develop a bespoke solution to your project needs that suits your style and budget, from renovating an existing property to a new-build home.


Our job is to create a beautifully crafted space so you can enjoy yourself with quality in mind without any stress, on schedule, and within your budget.


We take a different approach from others, because our clients are the centre of our business and we want to work collaboratively with you. We have 6 stages in our delivery process that will enhance your experience.

1. Meet our team 
2. Briefing/Consultation
3. Concept design
4. Detailed design/Costing
5. Construction/Renovation
6. Handover

Renovation Services

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Kitchen Renovations

Our team of experts will help you craft a bespoke solution to your kitchen renovation that suits your taste and budget.

We will assist you with the design, sourcing for the cabinetry, and the fit-out of all the appliances. We ensure the process is smooth all through to the completion. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Parquet Floor Bathroom

Bathroom Renovations

Thinking about combining comfort and functionality with your style in a new or renovated bathroom design? You need an expert who will make your ideas reality.


Our team of professionals help to revamp your dated bathroom to a modern one that you can retire to after a stressful day. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Paint Roll


Apart from the aesthetic value decoration adds to a property, it also protects the surface of the wall . This gives durability to the material and extend the life-span.


Do you want to add value to your property and inject more life into it? Get in touch with our team for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Efficient Heating

Are you spending too much to heat your home? Have you considered replacing your old boiler with a more efficient one that could save you money on your energy bill and also add value to your property?


Our team will work with you to install an efficient heating system in your home.

Electrical Work

Electrical Installation

Does your home electrical wiring comply with the new 18th edition requirement on electrical installation? Are you a homeowner or landlord? Is your property compliant with a legal requirement for letting?

Our team will help you strip out the existing system and replace it with a new electrical system.

Concrete Bucket & Trowel

Plastering & Flooring

Are you planning to give your home a new outlook? Do you need to strip out the wallpapers and plaster the entire wall? Our team of renovators have what it takes to do the plastering work of your project before painting to get a perfect finish.

Our team at Spectrum Homes can work with you to advise on the right flooring to use if you're looking to change to a different type.


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